Thursday, December 8, 2011

passing by.

today, i was in a funk.
not good, not bad.
just living.

i thought a lot today about the past,
the good times and the bad.
i laughed to myself.
then wanted to cry.

I miss the good ol' days.
when we would do crazy stuff.
and we live for every weekend.

but then i think to myself, what if these are the good days
and i am missing them because i am still hung up on the past.

so.. im letting it go,
the good and the bad.
and im going to live.
right now.

this song got me out of my funk.
hopefully, it will cheer you up too(:


  1. Love this song! Thank you for sharing! And for sharing the one a few posts down. Listened to and love both. :)

  2. Hey. We met them. And little drummer boy loved you.