Wednesday, January 4, 2012


do you guys remember when jack's mannequin came to town a couple months ago??..
well, i have a good story for you. which should of been told right after the concert, but who blogs these days.. im trying to keep it under the radar. you know, hipster stuff.

anywho, it was a fine day in the middle of may.. okay, not really. it was october.
October 25, to be exact. Well, early this day i found out that jack's mannequin was doing a free acoustic session at trolley square. i was super stoked because i didn't have tickets for the show that night. but then 3 o clock rolled around and i couldn't  find a ride to salt lake, so i sulked while watching grey's anatomy. then around 5 i get a call from my friend Emily, she had just won tickets to the show and asked if i want to go. well, of course i did. my uncle got home just in time to take me.. and before you know it Emily and i are at the concert..

 now that you know how i got to the concert you can hear the story of what happened at the concert..

So Emily and i quickly try and push our way to the front of the crowd, seeming that we aren't very big and had no male with us.. we didn't get very far. but we got close enough that we could see pretty good. The opening band was lady danville, which my best-friends aunt ally told me about just this summer. So i was excited to see them.. They put on a great show and just before they ended their set, they took a picture of the crowd. (this information will be valuable to you later on). so next up was Lenka, she also put on a great show.. and she was also 5 months pregnant, so it was extra impressive.

After Lenka played, Emily and I wanted to go get a picture with Dan before jacks mannequin went on. So we went back by the merch table and got our picture. Then we tried to fight our way back to our spot but our attempts failed so then we ended up stand on a block behind the sound. which was fine cause we could see the stage well and took cool videos..

well, about a quarter way through jacks mannequin set, matt from lady danville walked past us.. then he stopped and walked back to us. He stopped in front of me and said "You are the girl" and i look at him like what? and then he was like, " you are the girl i was talking about on stage, when i asked the girl towards the back in the orange headband to smile, it was you"  (i definitely had no idea he was talking to about me when he was on stage, cause you know me. clueless.)  so i replied "oh really, that was me?" and he was like yeah and smiled at me. Then we just randomly hugged.. hahah. it happens. (sidenote: i was stand on block thing, so i was like towering over him, so it was a little awkward) Then he said that he had to go backstage for a little bit but then was going to come back. So we listened to the rest of the set.. and during the encore we saw that he was sitting and talking to the fans by the merch table so we decided that we would go get a picture with him after the show.. well the show ended, and we went to the merch table, and he just dissapeared.. we couldnt find him anywhere by the rest of the band. so then about ten minutes later we finally found him, but he was talking to a group of girls.. so we just sat and waited for him to finish.. but then he looks over and notices us..and was like " Sarah!"  and totally left the group of girls.. oops. sorry girls. haha. Then he told us that he went to go look for us.. and thought we had left. but really we were just looking for eachother. well then he asked me what i was doing that night and wanted to hang out.. well, the truth was, i had school in the morning. but i replied "i actually have to go meet up with some people" and then he was like "really, thats too bad" and i was like "yeah, it is" then we embraced again.. and i left.

pretty pathetic ending to the story... i know.
but hey, what girl can say that a boy in a band picked her out of the crowd.
hahah. it was quite a random night.
but a great memory. (:

so everybody,
go create memories.

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