The girl behind the name

My name is Sarah Elizabeth.

 I'm an average seventeen year old, that's not so average. I watch way more sports than anyone girl my age, and i actually watch it for the sport, not for the men. surprise. even though, the men are a bonus. I'm a profound thinker and I'm not afraid to speak my mind. I'm friendly,but choose my friends wisely. even if it means having no friends for some period of time. I believe in god, and i am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I listen to music constantly and i always have a song that relates to my life at any moment in time. I love my family and the people that have become family to me. I grew up with three older brothers that have impacted me more than anyone. I believe a piece of toast can fix anything and at the end of the day, i love life. 

 I made this blog to be a online journal, something i can look back on and say "wow, i was really stupid." hahah. So enjoy reading, and beware: I'm dyslexic, emotional, and sometimes rude. but hey.. you win some, you lose some. i hope your eyeballs don't fall out... oh and sometimes I'm sarcastic.