Monday, November 28, 2011


you might know me as...

the girl that wants to live in belgium. 

the girl that loves fashion. 

the girl that cant sing. 

the girl watches too much college football. 

the girl that cant finish a funny story because she is laughing too hard. 

the girl with the headphones in. 

the new girl.. 

Its funny how, one little thing about me can be everything about me to one person. 
Its like people latch on to one little fact about you, and thats all you are to them.they don't take the time to know who you really are and inspire to be. 

so here is to the people, that knew everything on that list.. 
thank you for getting to know me for everything that i am. 
you, you are family. and i care for you as much as you care for me.


i just made a blog post. 
this is deserving of some type of reward. 
ryan gosling..?? 

okay, well... see ya.