Monday, March 28, 2011

for emily...

If you could live life as ANYONE who would it be? Also, is there anyone in your life who you feel like you have so much to say to, but never will for whatever reason?

If i could live my life as anyone, i think it would have to be Zoey deschanel. Just because she is married to ben gibbard. plus, she is really cool and even with her fame she is herself.

 there actually is someone i have so much to tell to but i don't think they will ever listen, cause frankly, i don't think they care or even remember me. ha ha ha.
that person is ------ ---.
i would tell her how she made my life a living hell.
and how she should of stuck up for me.
i would tell her mom that she was all wrong & that she should apologize for what she put me through.

oh and ps: really sol ettinger? hahahahahahahahahah. i could never see that happening.

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  1. i know who you're talking about!!!!!! (: and HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sol. (: