Sunday, March 27, 2011


dear blog readers,
i have a few questions for you.

1. What is one thing in your opinion i have to do before i die?

2. For people who know me, who can you most likely see me with?

3. what is one food i have to try?

4. what is one place i just HAVE to visit?

5. what things should be on my summer bucket list?

6. Is there anything you have always wanted to tell me?

7. how should i change this lacking blog?

8. is there any questions you want to ask me?

this is result of me being super bored,
lets see where it takes us(:

ready set go...


  1. 1. Go to Color Me Mine when it's raining.
    2. Sol Ettinger. I have absolutely no idea why.
    3. Marshmallow Santa's or white hot chocolate with raspberry from Starbuck's
    4. Bainbridge Island in Washington.
    5. Stay up for three days, meet the mailman, see a sun rise, kiss a stranger, break into a hotel swimming pool.
    6. Hahaaha you were right about Zac. I should have listened.
    7. More photos! I love the ones you edited!
    8. If you could live life as ANYONE who would it be? Also, is there anyone in your life who you feel like you have so much to say to, but never will for whatever reason?

  2. 1. Listen to Hi, Everything's great while on a road trip, uninterrupted, and just look out the window
    2. Stay away from boys
    3. Genuine texas BBQ
    4. Fort Worth, Texas
    5. Wander downtown seattle
    6. No
    7. Write more about music
    8. Jesse Lacey or Conor Oberst? Am I creeps mcgee? Should I move back to oregon? Which lead singer of a band do I look the most like?