Friday, April 1, 2011


today, it was a high of 71... and overall,  the most perfect day.
i believe that everyone has been in a seasonal depression for the last.. well lets see... 6 MONTHS.
everyone has been super grumpy and tired of life. but not today..
today was different. because the sun was out..
everything was perfect.

i attend the soccer game, and everyone was cheering.
there was happiness in the air... even if we lost.
then spent time with steve and ari (because we ran out of gas.. long story. haha)
 it was very nice, stever and i finally have a connection. even if its through making fun of eachother. haha.
then i got to take ari's senior pictures, which include alot of laughing and awkward poses.
but then again, thats me and ari everyday...

now, im up at my aunts house.
just finished watching it's kind of a funny story...
it was brillant. you should go watch it.

It feels good to be alive again.


  1. Saw you guys at the gas station while we were getting gas as well.

  2. You know, I probably should've, except I was sitting in the very back of a huge, completely full suburban. Maybe you saw it?

    This isn't weird in any way but I liked the orange flower in your hair yesterday. It looked summer-y and I enjoyed that.

  3. You were in a tan-ish car with Steve. Ari had just run into the gas station.

    Thanks! A cardigan is like underwear to me. Not really, but you get the point. :)