Saturday, February 5, 2011

the get up kids

last night i attended the get up kids concert.
okay, yeah maybe i was the only one under 21 there,
and their first album came out when i was 3. whatever,
they are the most incredible band. and it was the of the
greatest concerts i have ever been too.
they played for a straight hour and a half
ending the night with the song,
ill catch you. it was brillant.
and along with the greatness of the get up kids,
river city extentsion, a band with i had not heard of until last night
open for them, and they were absolutely incredible.
and the last song they played, they came out into
the crowd and played right next to where i was standing.
joe the lead singer was singing in my face part of the time.
it was so cool.
not only did i get to watch these incredible bands perform.
i met both of them. they are super nice people,
that have a extreme passion for music.
does it get any better than that?
i think not.

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