Tuesday, February 8, 2011

awkward moments..

brought to you by a typical saturday night

this saturday evening, i was just playing it cool.
some may use the words; relaxin', just chillin', hangin loose'
whatever your phrase is, its all the same.
i was just trying to have a good time
with some good friends.

so i was at nyah's house just mindin my own business,
well then we decided that we wanted to go dancing that night.
and just go be free. so we call up bradley and ask him if he wants to come, he agrees. so before you know it all the boys show up. but then they decide that they want to stop at this party in alpine before we go to the dance.

(dont worry, the good part is coming...)

so we get to the house, we were not sure if this was the right house, so we awkwardly sat in front of the door until someone opened it and told us to go downstairs and stop just standing there. so then we covered up our stupidity by saying we were waiting for some people. haha. anywho..

we walk downstairs and as soon as i get to the bottom, i hear some yell sarah, so i turn the corner and low and behold hattie bushnell was right there, we embraced. then she told me some tragic news. That she was moving on sunday to pennsylania. sad sad story, so i sat and talked to her for a good 5 minutes, well getting the glare down from maddi means. hey, you win some you lose some.

(almost there...)

so, i walk further into the party and room starts to open up, and i look around and there he was sitting in the corner, i look away quickly and step behind brad. praying that he didnt notice me, i thought i did pretty good. but then nathan sees me and walks over, picks me up and gives me a long hug, we can both feel eyes on us, so nathan looks over to see that its him. he looks down at me, and ask me if him and i still talk, i reply nope. he responsed " yeah i can tell" and we both started laughing. so then i see derek walk in and he looks at me and puts out his arms, i walk over and as soons as am about to put my arms around him. the boy from the corner yells derek, but derek just keeps hugging me and doesnt respond.

(no need to fret, the best part is here..)

so after i have hugged everyone that oh heaven forbid hasn't seen me in a good year, even though we go to high-school's that are not even 5 miles apart. i walk over to where the food is obliviously, because i stress eat. then out of no where the boy runs across the room for no apparent reason. because no one was over there expect me and nyah. then he says, hey sarah as he hit the door to stop himself. well, i didnt hear him. So he said it again, but in a more harsher tone. "hi sarah". and i still didnt hear him.. cause im just that good at avoiding. ha ha. so nyah nudges me and whispers, " he is trying to talk to you" so i turn around and im like (his name) then he goes sarah, and opens up his arms so i give him a hug, we sat there for a good 30 seconds. then we both pull out. I ask him why he is out of breath and he says that ty attacked him, so i look over to see ty just sitting there having a conversation with a girl, so i kinda laugh and say righhht??? and he replies with a faint laugh and ask me how i am, i say great. we go on to talk about how the party sucks, then we hug again and say goodbye.
yeah, for those that know who i am talking about...
it was frickin awkward. hahah.
to others, who have no idea what i was even talking about,
just laugh like you do. its good for the soul.

oh and i cant forget the best part of the night.
so, after i had that very awkward running into (literally),
we sat around for another 3 minutes then realized we were the only ones by the food.
so we stole the huge bag of candy and left.

overall, saturday night was a success.
even if we didn't make it to the dance.

alpine parties will
always and forever

money doesn't buy happiness,
but it will get you some awkward situations
and food.

whoever took the time to read this whole thing,
you should probably go ride a bike and stop
wasting your time.

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  1. ohhhh my heavens!!! Hattie is moving??? gahhh! and stupid maddie. haha maddie "means" @#!*% ! (: anyway. ha. i think i know who you are talking.
    and i can't ride a bike. i can't even get into my freaking car!!!