Friday, February 11, 2011

this one is for you grams.

today is my grandma's birthday.
she is not here to celebrate her birthday,
so i will do it for her.
i will eat wint o' green breathmints all day long,
i will even eat them like she does.
i may go to ikea,
i love you all and stuff grams, but im sorry i will not eat their meatballs for you.
i just dont think i can bring myself to do it. Ive never really been a fan.
i will be stubborn all day long.
but i think you are the only person that can get away with such acts.
why do we stop celebrating birthday's after someone dies?
i find that quite rude. we should be honoring such a wonderful day.
its like their own personal holiday,
it will forever be their birthday.

-- side note:
when i die please celebrate my birthday.
but please never eat chocolate cake on said day,
because we all know, i hate chocolate cake.
(i was scarred as a child watching matlida, no big deal. one stupid movie took away 20 pounds i could of gained.i guess ill make for it by eating angel food cake by the acre.)

i hope you are having a great time up there in heaven.
you are probablly chillin' with the coolest people in history.
have a wonderful day (:

1 comment:

  1. i'm going to eat all the chocolate cake i can on your birthday! (:
    just kidding. i'll celebrate your birthday and eat angel cake! (:
    i like this post! (: love you. (: