Monday, January 31, 2011

dear boy, do you exist?

i want a fairytale,
preferable one like this.

i want a boy, who takes me for all that i am.
a boy who doesnt get intidmated at my love for sports.
or how i can probably eat alot more than him.
i want a boy, who thinks im beautiful.
but tells me when i make him mad.
a boy who will dance with me,
even when there is no music.
i want a boy who respects me.
and loves my family as much as he loves me.
oh and he needs to be attractive.
but thats just a bonus.


  1. I want a boy who can dance. And doesn't laugh at me when I do just that.
    I want a boy with a nice smile and an ever lovelier laugh.
    I want a boy who knows how to dress himself. But will let me dress him anyway.
    I want a boy with respect.
    I want a boy who knows what he's doing. Intelligence. Class.

    Oh, plus he can't actually be ugly.

  2. I want a funny boy.
    One with style in clothes, and music.
    Who is enthusiastic about life.
    and has dreams as big as mine.