Sunday, October 9, 2011

music of the week.

this week, this is what i felt..

1. Goodbye to you- Michelle Branch
This is song for me, isnt about a boy. For me, its about highschool.
For so long, i wanted to be the High-school girl, the girl who has tons of friends
and gets asked to dances, the girl who lives for everyday of highschool.
But im not that girl, i will never be that girl. Highschool is just not for me,
i need to let go of that, i need to stop trying and just move on.
"i want you, but im not giving in this time, goodbye to you.... highschool"

2. Your my own sinking ship - Good old war
"I picked apart your wasted lies, to get you back here" i do this, too much. i justify everything, i always give second chances and third and fourth.. because it just feels better when they are by my side, even if i know its not genuine. im tellin ya... self-esteem, it messes with your head. I accept the unaccpectable , oh yeah.. you are my own sinking ship.

3. Someone to love- Hey Marseilles
I found this song this week, i have fallen completely in love with this band. This song was the first song i found.. and it is just a perfect song. great music, great lyrics.. its a little sad. i love this song, because the boy calls the girl out.. but still tells her how much he still cares for her. He just wants her to come around.. dear girl he is singing about, you should feel like crap. ha ha.

4. And the world turned- The Gabe Dixon Band
Every teenage girl has a time in her life when she feels like the girl in this song.. sometimes, we have lost ourselves, but the world just keeps turning and no body hears us. This song sums up that feeling perfectly.. and how we just need to let go of somethings and move on.

5. All will be well- The Gabe Dixon Band
"Even after all the promises you have broken to yourself, all will be well.. you can ask me how but only time will tell" This song, has given me hope this week, it makes me smile every time i listen to it. I know it will be okay... i just have to wait it out. so everybody, get the popcorn. this is may be awhile.. but its going to be a happy ending, i promise(:


  1. love this. love you. miss you even though i saw you like three days ago and spent all week with you and weekend with you last week. it's fine. (: love you!

  2. good music choices(:

    miss you!