Monday, July 25, 2011

tonight, the headphones will deliver you the words..

that i can't say.

"yeah, its the sinking feeling of being alone... oh will you still know me in a year?" 
i feel like that my true friends are the ones that have stayed friends with me year after year,even if i wasn't near them. I feel like, i just leave.. well probably cause i do.

"all you are is mean and liar and pathetic and mean." 
some people are just mean. I don't get it. Really, listen to taylor.. Why do you have to be so mean? really, what good does it do you. grow up.. please. and thank you. 

"my head is weak, my heart always speaks before i know what it will say" 
i have a big problem with this.. i always say everything. I wish my mind would tell me to stop.. 

"you are my own sinking ship... " 
I always try and save relationships, Even though i know most of them are sinking ships that i wont be able to save. But i keep trying.. I'm not sure why. 

"i will be curled on the floor, hiding out from it all" 
i tend, to hide. sometimes, i just cant take it anymore and curl up in a ball on my floor.. and cry. on the bright side, i usually feel better after. 

everyone reading this.. 
i challenge you to put your itunes on shuffle and type a line from 5 songs and what you think of as you are listening to them. 

really, go do it now.