Thursday, June 16, 2011

guilty pleasure

i have a confession to make,
i read GQ. religiously.
i would rather buy GQ then seventeen.
is that a crime? maybe.

my secret is out.
I love men's clothing. 
when most girls look at a boy and say "man, he is so hott" , im usually thinking, "man he would look good in some khakis, and he should purchase some Sperry top siders, it would do him good. " 


  1. GQ is one of the best publications to grace god's green earth (Vogue being the best)

    and every single man in the world looks better in khakis and sperry's!

    sarah, my dear, i miss seeing your grinning face each day... hope all is well!

    -- emily

  2. this would be why you are my best friend.
    and why i love you.

    it has nothing to do with your coolness.
    cause let's face it,
    you are soooo uncool.

    love your best friend.

  3. I love this, probably because I love that stuff too. lmao. Sperrys = fav.