Saturday, April 23, 2011

the story of us

so, i have this assignment to write a narrative poem for English.
i had been struggling of what to do it on, i had tons of different ideas.
It had to be a childhood memory... well after trying to write 5 different poems,
i decided i would do it on a boy. The one person who has been my life always.
and we have quite the story, so why not use it as an assignment. hahah.

Ever since I can remember, it's been us
Throwing rocks in the river and playing tag
We lived in the sun,

we were full of it's light.

Grade school came
to mold our minds
but we held on to our innocence
while running against the wind
excited for the things to come

It all changed the year of seventh grade
There was no more river
Not even a stream
We started to walk on separate roads
but always found our way back home

Now you are lost.
You say, there is no home,
For it was all a lie
You chased away your innocence 
One kiss at a time

You claim you can't be saved
but you wouldn't know
Because you haven't let me try
Now, please just come home tonight,
I promise you will survive.


  1. I love this: We lived in the sun, / we were full of it's light.

    Oh, and this: You chased away your innocence / One kiss at a time.