Friday, April 22, 2011

is this awkward??...

sorry.. i was just getting warmed up for this epic post.
expect when shelbie touches my ears...
dang you shelb. one day you will pay.
ha ha ha ha.

this week was full of awkward moments,
let me catch you up...

that awkward moment when austin waddoups reaches for his backpack and grabs your foot instead....

that awkward moment when maquel cooper askes you to go to the temple after school...  and you met that day. also the fact that she is maquel cooper... just made it much more awkward.

the awkward moment when you meet someone and you don't know if you should shake hands or not so you put your hand out and they just awkwardly point at you and say nice to meet you.. hahah.

that awkward moment when chandler says that he loves the birth canal hallway.. and i respond with i bet you do.

that awkward moment when trevor finally brought his scriptures to seminary and no one knew wither to congratulate him on something he should have done weeks ago.

that awkward moment when the most used phrase around the school today was, " have you died yet?"

that awkward moment when you realize every moment in your life is awkward. 


  1. i can't help it if your ears are as attractive as ryan gosling's body!!

    yes, you can add that to your awkward moment list.

  2. Hahahaha the hand shake.

    And Maquel Cooper.

    This is great.