Tuesday, April 12, 2011

just give me a reason

why i let you down
 i hate not having closure. anyone who knows me, knows this. ha ha. i cant just let someone hate me, until they give me full reason why they hate me.  i want to know why, cause 95% of the time, there is no good reason.  but in the slight chance that they have a good reason then im fine and i can let it go and they can spend the rest of their life, disliking me. its fine.  Although if someone just decides on day that they dont like me and have no good reason for it.  thats a whole different story. First of all, if you dont like someone, you should tell them what they did that made it that way. So they have a chance to fix it and get your forgiveness. whoa, huge concept. i know, i know. sorry to shock your brain.
     lastly, don't hold grudges. you just waste time being unhappy.

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