Friday, April 8, 2011


Jesse Lacey or Conor Oberst? Am I creeps mcgee? Should I move back to oregon? Which lead singer of a band do I look the most like?

Answer:first of all air bear.. i said one question. not a billion... but since you are my brother, i will answer them.
Jesse Lacey and Conor Oberst are too hard to debate. because they are both so genius. Connor Oberst is an incredible lyricist. But over all Jesse has more of a talent because he can make the music flow with the words alot better than connor can. i like that about him.. so i guess jesse wins.
no aaron, you are not creeps mcgee. stop asking.
its the same answer everytime. haha.
no i believe that you should not move back to oregon. Because, first of all there is nothing in oregon. and there is no hope for finding a wife there& it rains alot. Yes, i know that your "boyfriend" is getting married.. hahah. but you can survive, i believe in you. Plus. you have plenty of great friends here.
I would have to say.. you look like jesse lacey. the most.. maybe, john nolan.?

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