Sunday, January 9, 2011

local music, indie kids.

i have a serious love for local music,
who know such great music would come from utah county.
joshua james, issac russell, desert noises, jenn bosil, the ficionist,
fercious oaks, shady chapel and much much more.

on friday night i went to issac russell and desert noises show,
it was amazing. they played at the velour.
the velour, my favorite local venue.
its this little hole in the wall.
but when you walk in,
you feel the coolest energy.
and everyone in there has a pure love for music.

that brings me to the subject of "indie" boys.
i love them.
any boy who listens to local music, is a deep thinker and wears good clothing.
steals my heart. if i can sit down with a boy and talk about the top ten greatest albums of all time for an hour... and his list includes, dog problems by the format.
i will marry him.
ha ha ha.

so boy, if you are out there.
please make yourself mine.

he called me last night,
his voice was serious. he asked me to come see him.
i didnt.
... i think i made a mistake.

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  1. But darlin' - there's no such thing as accidents!