Friday, December 24, 2010

those were the sweetest of memories.

i lay here in bed thinking of memories..i wish that i would could go back even if it was for only a moment and relive some of the memories. the memories that are as sweet as sugar.. the memories that you think of and all you can do is smile. then some times you think of the memories that you try so hard to forget but they are always the most clear out of all the memories. why is this? i dont think this is a flaw.. actually i think it is a beautiful thing that our mistakes are the most vivid memories, because then we remember to never do them again. we make mistakes so we can grow stronger, and when you grow, you have growing pains. therefore, with a mistake there will always be pain. everyone always says that pain is a bad thing.. when in reality pain is really only a sign of feeling. why is everyone so afraid of feelings? why cant everyone expect their feelings.. but most of all why cant other people accept the way another person feels. everyone is always judging someone for the way the are "feeling". the fact is no one is the same..thats is what is so wrong with our society, everyone trys to be normal?what is normal? normal is always changing, so infact normal doesnt person thinks the same.. so embrace your driffences and be you.being you doesnt mean you will always be happy, cause no one is always happy...sure everyone can look happy and fake happy everydayy.. but unless you are on a overdose of antidepressents. i can honestly say you are not always happy. and guess what, thats okay. cry... scream...laugh... emotions are a beautiful thing. you dont always be happyy, but it does help to smile (:

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  1. This is weird. I literally was just talking about this an hour ago. Like, word for word.
    I love you.