Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas eve.

yes, everyone its true...
christmas is tomorrow.
if you are like most of the world... okay maybe just me.
you will be getting up and going out to do the last of your shopping. ohh joyyys.
it will be fine, as long as i dont have to step foot in the stupid mall one more time.
the mall=way too crowded with people who dont know how to even get ready for the dayy. lines are way too longg. and you feel like you may just fall over and die any second.
so i wont be doing that today.

i think i will make a trip to transbourne(:
a nice outdoor mall filled with lighted tree's and christmas cheer.
it makes you happy to be christmas shopping, hardly any lines, nice and friendly people that dress well.
could you ask for more? (:

the true meaning of christmas.

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