Wednesday, December 22, 2010

here i am, awake.

at 7:25. whats wrong with me?

so this one dad bought me a really nice coat, that he picked out. maybe the beast does have style? i was a little shocked when he asked me to try on a jacket that wasnt black and big (so that it would keep me warm?) then he reminded me that he was quite the fashion icon all through highschool and college. (mind that was in the 60's which is even better..) but i didnt believe him until i got picture proof and witness statements. and it turns out, yes. my dad was into fashion. i guess it runs in my blood. my grandma states that "he only shopped at nordstorm and ironed all his clothes, even his jeans" i think he stopped caring about fashion when he has 3 kids in three years and was in law school. but then again, i wouldnt care about anything but sleep if i was in that situation. so for you that know my dad now.. you will be shocked when you see these pictures, and yes this really is my dad.


  1. i've them before. (: i love you family.
    sooooooooooooooooo at my moms church there was a man speaking and his mouth moved just like your dads!! and he sorta sounded like him. and it reminded me of him. it was quite odd. (: