Thursday, September 9, 2010

for whitney.

this girl is actually wonderful, she is so wonderful that i actually cyber stalk her constantly and save her picture on to my computer... is that creepy? yes it is. but i dont care. actuallyy, she secretly stalks me too. my picture is hanging on her bedroom wall, and she actually has t-shirts with just my face on them. and you call me creepy???

*notice how many actually's are in the above paragraph.

nutella is genius. who would of thought that hazlenut and chocolate would be so delicious in a creamy spread..

top ten ways to uses for nutella:

1. on a crepe.

2. nutella and peanut butter sandwiches.

3. as frosting

4.on top of pretzels

5. on top of toast

6. in smores.

7. in coffee.

8. in icecream.

9. on a spoon.

10. on your finger. ( i mean who really needs a spoon? thats so 2009)

the lightbulb may be the most epic invention of all time. nothing will ever beat it. so steve jobbs, you can just give up now. you owe your whole career to lightbulb anyways,
tomas eddison will always be the coolest man that has ever lived.
end of story.

&always remember;
you are wonderful.

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