Thursday, July 22, 2010

many thoughts in my mind

i believe that life is whatever we make it.

i believe that everything we do will impact us in someway.

i believe that we fall to show that we can get back up.

i believe that there is a god, but we have to our own belief in him and no belief is the excat same.

i believe that being happy is a choice not a destiny.. its not things that happen in our life that controls our happiness, but rather the attitude we choose to have.

i believe that everyone is accountable for their actions and you cant blame anyone for what you do yourself.

i believe that society has come to the point that hate is more acceptable than love and that love has become a symbol of lust instead of a sacred feeling that cant be reproduced.

i believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion and no one thinks the same. so you cant control ones thoughts, and no matter how hard you try , you will never know why exactly someone did something or why something happened.

i believe that we get betrayed so we learn to trust no one expect ourselves.

i believe that laughing can help heal the soul.

i believe that its okay to cry, and emotion is a beautiful thing that has a right to be shown.
so don't hold your feelings back.

simply be you. 100% of the time. (:

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