Sunday, July 25, 2010

for jojo.

so today, i was in a blogging mood.. but there was a little bit of a problem, i couldnt think of anything to blog about. so i went to my oh so loving brother joel and asked him what i should write about and he said that i should write about how much i love him. so i took his advice.
joel.. this one is for you. (:

hmm.. my brother joel. he is my bestfriend. and the only boy i need in my life. (:
i look up to him so much. but mostly, he is just joel & i love him.
we have so much fun together, we can talk on the phone for hours and watch the same tv show and comment, like we are together, only we are states awayy..
basically he is just the best brother in the whole wide world. (:

and because i love him just so so so so so muchh...
i am looking up cool watches for him to find.
so joell... which ones do you like?

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