Sunday, July 18, 2010

i miss the past.

i miss utahh.
i miss the friends i left behind.
i miss the life i had, when the days went by fast and i couldn't wait for the next one to come.

but now im here in oregon.& and as much as i want that to change. it wont.

so i have to make the best of it, and smile through thetears and hope that it will get better.
doesn't it suck when what you want isn't the same as what you need?
i needed this move, i needed to grow up... which i did.
i have grown up alot this year, i appreciate the little things more, i value my family more than i ever did in the past. i learned that we have to go through trials in life and we are not sure whyy, but thats the beauty of it cause later down the road.. it will all make sense. i learned who i am&who i want to be and most importantly whoi am not&who i never want to become. i know my standards and my beliefs. and im perfectly happy with being me.

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