Saturday, October 1, 2011


sometimes, i go to mexico.
and neglect my blog, (okay, lets be real, i have been doing that way before i went to mexico)

okay, but yeah.
i went to mexico,
it was a ball of fun.
i got tan, almost too tan.
i am freaking myself out.
for real, man.

to update you all...

i still don't have a life.
so really there is nothing to say.
hahah. no boys, no friends, no drama.
 which i have to say is kinda nice...
until you realize you are probably the only 17 year old girl that is sitting alone on a saturday night and then you want to bash your head into a wall because you have become pathetic, i mean really really pathetic.

Here's to senior year...? 
and trips to mexico that keep me sane. 


  1. it's saturday night. and the only friend i have is a bean bag, blanket, pillow and a lap top. i'm wasting hours by watching re runs of pirates of the carrebean. i'm eighteen and in college. i should have a life. but i don't. so you're not alone.

  2. HELLA

    like omg. me too.
    no freakin way.

    cheers to having no life.