Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"the things that keep us apart, keep me alive."

"The things that keep me alive, keep me alone."

i feel like i never am in one place...
I have been in 3 states in the last three days.
It's madness, i tell you. Madness.

I kinda feel like a musician on tour... (expect, i have no musical talent and no one is cheering for me.)
now i know how it feels being everywhere but feeling like you belong no where.
I have no idea where i belong, or where i am suppose to be.
I'm Lost.
But I'm alright.

Because I'm living and I'm breathing.
and I find out that the journey is what is all about.
I don't need home.. Home is all around me.
some times its not about a physical house
or finding one place where you belong.
because sometimes... you belong in more than one place.

music... home.
meeting new people.. home.
taking pictures..  home.
road trips...  home.
random phone calls.. home.
running through sprinklers.. home.
long talks with good friends.. home.

what is home to you? 

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