Tuesday, August 30, 2011

just to lighten the mood and make it through.

school sucks. 
I hate it. 

I mean, really, High school? 
its for the kids that aren't really going anywhere in life. 
You know, the kids that live for Friday nights.. 
 Or sluff every class, but just LOVE high school.
sad part.. they will be like that the rest of their lives. 

so yeah, i don't talk to people in the hall. 
and yeah, so what.. i sit at the park alone at lunch. 
i mean.. it could be worse. 
I could be normal.. 
ewww. (I'm indie, so i don't like that word) 
hahahah, eww that made me gag even more. 

okay, the point is.. well the point is, 
that i have no idea where I'm going with this. 

so i will just leave at... Justin Bieber, really needs to stop this madness.
guess what i saw today? yup, that's right a Justin Bieber toothbrush. 
not just any toothbrush... a singing toothbrush that serenades you with "baby" 
i mean, really? Biebs..That's enough. Its a health hazard...personally,  i would gag myself with the toothbrush. 
cause i would rather vomit then hear 30 seconds of that "baby" song. 
Its time to throw in the rag biebs, its getting outta hand. 
ps. Your hair looked awful at the VMA's, and those glasses don't do anything for you.


  1. hey. i hate school to. lets be friends. except i love biebs. forever <3

  2. hey.
    I miss you.
    Like a ton.

    call me soon.

  3. oh high school.. so I'm coming to see you! probably next weekend. kay cool. kay bye now.
    Ah I get so excited I can say that! kay but really. bye now.