Friday, July 29, 2011

today was a day, just like any other.

"So I try living in the moment
Till the moment it just froze
And I felt sick and so alone"

some days go great, i forgot all my problems and just live and be, i put a smile on my face 
and its stays. but then.. all the sudden, i feel like everything just freezes and i start to worry about the future and i just want to break down and cry. I'm not sure why i do this. I wish i didn't.. i wish i could just ignore everything forever. but you cant ignore forever.Although, sometimes you need to just put the sadness aside and push through. because you will always be okay in the end, but you have to get there. so be sad for a second. feel it. Then let it go, and make a better tomorrow. 

sometimes life slaps you in the face. 
write a sad entry in your journal, and get over it. 

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  1. Are you not just so excited?! I'm counting down the days.

    Look for us at the front of the line.:)