Saturday, July 16, 2011

new again

I'm here, somewhere new. once again. 
i know this is where i need to be right now. 
But, its hard... 
its hard to startover. 
i feel like i have had to start over a lot the last few years. 

i wish things would just stay the same for once. 
i wish i could have the same friends for more than a year. 
i wish i didnt always have to be alone.
i wish for a lot of things... 

but here i am. 
alone, needing new friends and wanting the past back. 
but the fact is, it won't change. 
so i'm going to find new friends 
and keep positive the best i can. 

cause, i believe life is as beautiful as you make it.
so color outside the lines and make a masterpiece. 


  1. "i wish i could have the same friends for more than a year."

    I feel the same.

    I feel people like us have a purpose. That God doesn't wants us to make our impact on more then just a few people, so he seperates us from the past, makes us start over, only to share our light again. To find ourselves, to have that glowing confidence no matter which state we are in. Whether it be alone, with our old friends, or slowly finding new ones.

    I adore you from afar, and i think you're great.

    let's be friends.

    morgan jo.

  2. "like"

    i hope everything is going well up there.
    i am sure you will meet a lot of cool people

    [not as cool as me though]

    you will meet some friends (:

    love you. hopefully see you soon.


  3. you will be just fine. (: you always make it. you have done a lot and been through a lot and you always have a positive attitude. you are such a strong girl. I love you! You will make friends in no time! and if my secret comes through i will come visit you often! (:

  4. That Morgan Jo girl... is a talent. I agree with that separation thing. Spreading us around a little. Impacting more than just a few.
    God knows, as do we all, how much people need you without they're even realizing it.
    You will never stop being needed by your past, Sar. But God knows how much people need you wherever you're being sent.