Monday, July 18, 2011

love at 17.

today, i want to bring something up that i feel strongly about.
love at seventeen. now listen closely every teenage girl...
i'm sorry. but you just cant be.
yes, i believe you can feel love..  you just can't be in love.
if you are sitting thinking, isn't being and feeling the same thing.
well.. let me clear that up for you. it is not.

Feeling love:
you can feel love in many different ways..
like when a boy hugs when you are going through something hard, feels your pain and sincerely cares for you. That is love. or when a boy can finish your sentence and make you laugh like no one else can. That is love.

Being in love:
being in love... is totally different then feeling in love.
it is being mature enough to handle a relationship..
it's working through problems together,  its learning to lead separate lives but be together as one.
i personally think no one at seventeen is capable to be in love.
your brain isn't fully developed and you dont know how to handle being in love.
its as simple as that.
not saying that you wont meet the boy you will love at seventeen.
but you wont fully be in love until you have grown and learn to be on your own and create a life of your own that you can share with someone.

although,I'm very anti-love. I think that everyone needs to go through a relationship in highschool.. or multiple. So you can learn and grow. Learn now the qualities you want in a husband. Learn now, how to be heartbroken and put it back together.

But please, please, please... dont waste your teenage age years thinking your in love with a boy.  Go out and create your life, for yourself. Be someone, dont be the girl that is known by the boy she is with. Be known for who you are and what you want. Don't let any boy tell you that you cant be someone. Don't let any boy cover up who you are. and NEVER let a boy tell you want you want in life.
Don't miss out on life... because you have that "one boy". Because more than likely, that relationship wont last. And if the boy really does love you, he will let you go create your life and be there when you come back.

"This is the moment that you know
That you told her that you loved her, but you don't "
be careful. boys will tell you that they love you. They rarely ever mean it.

It's simple:
go create a life for YOURSELF.
take US out of your sentences, and put more I's.