Tuesday, May 10, 2011

remember the days...

when everything seemed okay.
the days when we wouldn't over analyze anything.
we would just live and be.

lately, i feel like i have no idea where i am in life.
but i find comfort in the fact that i am living.
i am being. i don't know what am i or why i am here.
but I'm living and breathing.
and sometimes that's all you need.

just be.
STOP thinking.
live in the moment, even if it sucks.
not every little thing has to work out.
but if you wake up and get dressed..
you are half way there.

so what, if you don't have a boyfriend.
so what if you don't have perfect grades.
so what if you feel alone at the moment.


just be.
you don't have to love life
but please live it.

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