Monday, May 2, 2011

night marry you.

"you are exactly what a night-mares for.
i'll night marry you."

sorry, i have been neglecting my blog for quite some time.

but this weekend was quite the success
thanks to jewish boys girlfriend(ish), the [parents] and 36. 
and stake dances... dancing to miley cyrus.

i have other news...
its fine, that im totally freaking out about this.
and they are coming with the frighten rabbit.
august 22. yes, i will be buying a ticket the second it goes on sale.
don't worry. because even if i have to go alone, i will be going.
i would pay any amount of money for ben gibbard to sing "what sarah said" in my presence.
im in love with him. im also in love with his wife. its fine.
they may be the greatest couple ever.

plus, noah and the whale are coming.
im super stoked about this.
going to be a great concert.

also, matt and kim. iron and wine. the maine. the avett brothers.
it never ends...
i need a boyfriend.
so he can pay for all my concert tickets.

i started talking to an old friend again..
is this a good thing? who is to tell...
i have had to catch him up on like a year of music.
ha ha ha. he better thank me one day.
there are ups and downs...
but we never stop caring about eachother.
so we decided, why pretend to hate?
its pathetic.

oh and one other thing...
and it haunts me.


  1. I went to death cab and tegan and sara in like 2008 of 2009 and it was the best show i've ever been too. death cab is amazing. I'd love to go to the show with you!

  2. i love zooey and ben!
    them as a couple, just fills my sentimental heart with utter joy.

  3. i wish i could go. my heart is now aching upon reading this delightful post. not because it was delightful. no, more because it brought up quite tragic reality. i know you have told me this information but i had managed to bury it in my mind under all the stress. however, you have dug it up. and i feel like it will sit there for the rest of my life. bringing a significant amount of regret that i will not be going. oh and ps. be careful of the old friend with ups and downs who is you so pathetically pretended to hate one another. make my words. (: oh and ps ps sorrry i didn't answer. you know when i'm upset i like to sleep. well that kind of happened. and then the rest i will explain when i call you in point two seconds. maybe. probably not. (: bye

  4. oh and the last ps. sorry i can't spell. ha. (: or type correctly. which ever you prefer. (:

  5. Sometimes, even when you have a boyfriend, they don't even pay for your concert tickets.

    They're all "wah, I don't have a job."

    And your all "You're the boy? Pay for me?"

    And he's all "Aren't you supposed to be like a feminist or something?"

    And you're all "Oh. Yeah. Knevermind."

    And you lose the battle.

    Who needs boyfriends anyway?

    p.s. remember when we prank called talon shumway? and drove to hunter huffmans house? fun times, i'd say. me and you and elizabeth should play one a these days.