Sunday, March 20, 2011

ill wait for you, always.

sometimes, i vomit words at people.
and hope they hear me.

i told him.
i told him how much i worry about him, and how i want for him to be real.
how much, i want him to feel something,even for a minute. 
i told him, about how he treats me and how i deserve more than that.

he replied, "i have to go."

you win some, you lose some.

but atleast i told him right?
its over now, he knows everything i think.
and he can do what he wishes with that knowledge.

i wish the best for him, and hope he comes around.
and if you are reading this boy,
know, i love you.
always have.
always will.

"So the best thing i can give to you, is for me to go.
Leave you alone, cause you got growin' up to do."

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