Saturday, March 12, 2011

day one. stacey.

i code named this person stacey, because the song "stacey's mom" is stuck in my head.
yes, random. i know. but refreshing.

so stacey here are ten things i want to say to you:

   1. Im not as scary as you think i am. I dont bite... i know,  shocking huh?
   2. glaring at me isnt getting you anywhere...expect lower on my respect list.
   3. i have never hated you. and never will.
   4. dont believe everything you hear.
   5. i dont like him. Honestly, i never really have. it was all a mind game. quite the conspricacy if you ask me.
   6. he still stares at me. so you may tell him to stop..
   7. you have no reason to hate me.
   8. dont trust him
   9. you know, you can smile right? its not a crime.
   10. lastly, move on. (:

you have a lot of potential. dont waste it.
go discover the world. go like other boys,
you will just be dissapointed five years from now,
when you look back in your life and all you can remember is him.
go meet other people. say hi to the cute boy in the hall.
find who you are without him.

thats all i have to say to you,
have a nice life(:

1 comment:

  1. One: That is the greatest song. Let's be real, here.
    Two: Hey. Totally got this one. Figured it out by the first bullet point.