Monday, February 28, 2011

lil' monsters.

these are some picture i took of my cousins back in the fall..
i finally got around to editing them.


  1. oh. those are so cute.
    you did a good job editing them.
    i love this.
    and i love your blog.

  2. How about you be a photographer when you grow old? These pictures are lovely and you don't even have to think about dyslexia when you take lovely pictures.

    Is it cruel that lisp-ers can't say their own malfunction and dyslexics probably have trouble reading theirs? It's really a ridiculous word, dyslexia is.

  3. this is sooooooo cute! i love those guys they are funny funny funny! (: and they let me eat their animal crackers. but sometimes they get mad when i do! (: hahaha

  4. Okay, seriously...these are ADORABLE. I love the angle you took them at! :)