Sunday, February 13, 2011

double-a ron.

my brother aaron is truely one of a kind.
he is an incredible person.
i dont know where i would be with out him...
probably listen to justin bieber and wearing hollister.
he has helped shaped me into the person i am today.
and for that, i thank him.

he is awesome. and now wears cool glasses.
he also dresses very well, thanks to me. ha ha.
i will forever cherish the days that we spend driving around listening to brand new and talk about life.
he is a good good man.
i love him very much.
if there are any girls reading this that from the ages 20-23
that are outgoing and have a good taste in music
and are looking for an awesome man.
ill totally hook you up.
if you want to know more about this gem of a man.
please click here


  1. I'm now following his blog.. hopefully that's not creepy for him.

  2. thank goodness you're not listening to that. :)