Wednesday, January 26, 2011

oh right.. my blog.

hey friends and loved ones.
sorry i have been lacking in the blogging part of my life.
but really im just lacking in overall orginilatity and creativity.
so, being so mainstream. all i do is post music videos,
and maybe once in a while pictures.
pretty much my blog has died.
sorry for the inconvenience this has caused,
if you are in deseperate need of my teenage, dyslexic vocabulary and hopeless romantic phrases with time to time hateful jabs at people most of you dont know.
you should comment and tell me what to write about.
cause im kinda stuck. i cant really think of anything thats going to make me sound interesting.
cause im just a pathetic teenager who watches sportscenter in her free time and feels very passionately on how the bsc is completely rigged. oh and i also like music. alot.
but the people who know me, already know that.
so for the few of you that read my blog and have no frickin clue who in the heck i am. (excuse my utahan language) now you know. and if you are so interested in my life,
please tell me what you would like me to write about.
but please note. i dont have some crazy drama or cute boyfriend.
my boyfriend's name is espn. he treats me very well.
we get in the occusional fight. but nothing new.
and i can honestly say, i have no drama with anything or anyone at this moment in my life.
it feels great. drama is overrated.
i dont know really where im going with this post.
so... im just going to end it here.
jimmer fredette is sent from god.
goodnight and goodluck.
whatever you do, do it well.

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  1. I love your playlist, and also these pictures.
    Maybe have your brother add me on Facebook? Not creepy haha :)