Wednesday, January 19, 2011

beautiful disaster.

he is my bestfriend,
but he has never really cared about me.
its always been this one way relationship,
i give and give, and never get anything in return.
i tried to walk away, but he wouldnt let me leave.
i worry about him constantly,
he calls me randomly.
and for the past two weeks
has acted very off.
so what do i do?
do i still stand by his side like i always have,
or do i teach him a lesson by walking away.
he is in a bad place right now,
but doesnt know how to tell anyone.
he hints things, but has never known how to show feeling.
he hides. i want him to be real, just for five minutes.
but thats not who he is, i dont think he will ever really be able to.
so im stuck.

please someone,
tell me what to do.

Trying not to lose your own, boxing up everything, you’ve got
All you ever knew of home, you’re scared scared to see.

im confused. all i can do,
is quietly grin and resent you.


  1. you don't know me. :)
    but I'm in a similar situation. :)
    just hang in there, dear. your blog is great. <3

  2. i know who this about and it made me feel freaking cool! (: calll me darling. (: i miss you we need to have a chat. (: i won't talk about the ultra loser that you hate. (: i promise. (: we can talk about this child you speak of. (: