Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my man of the day.

"will you look the same when i meet you up there"

"we'll fall just like stars being hung by only string"

"you are not what you were when you were young"

Mr. William Fitzsimmons.

im in love with him
his voice is of the angels.
im convinced.


  1. I had a dream about you yesterday. Is that strange? Probably.. We were at school and you invited me to go to lunch with you. And I agreed. Just thought you should know? Ha.

  2. hmmm. thats a little strange, not going to lie. hahaha. why are you dreaming about me? is this fate... ?? you looked at me weird today?? hmmm. oh wait... thats everyday.. hahaha.
    you could say hi? if you want.

  3. In my dream we drove to your house (actually, your car could drive itself) and I was introduced to your parents and brothers and you made me some homemade Coke (pretty sure you can't do that in real life.) You also made me late to class. .. I did?? I wasn't quite sure if our eyes even met.. Haha. My apologies.

  4. this post. is beautiful.

    i want to marry him.

  5. hmmm. hahaha thats a pretty hilarious dream actually. maybe ill figure out how to make homemade coke and bring it to you. hahah.

  6. yeah, i know right?
    he is a beautiful man