Thursday, December 9, 2010

i find myself...

blogging, only when i have homework to do or people to face.
its my way to avoid life, yet spit it out at everyone on the internet?
healthy coping method?
definately not.
if you find yourself doing what im doing...
well most likely you are doing what im doing if you reading this right now.
so, go look at pointless pictures that relate to your life.
and look up many lyrics of songs that also relate to your life.
then... sometime, start your homework.
nahhh. just go to the gym. (:
then start your homework around midnight.

p.s. you shouldnt do anything i just said...
unless., you want to be like me?
but thats kinda creepy...
always remember,
smile at people in the hall(:
you may just make their day.


  1. Wow. This is exactly how I feel. You are perfectly right about everything you just said. You are wonderful.


  2. lady. I love your blog so much, that I don't even know which part to comment on. :) thaaaanks.