Tuesday, December 7, 2010


definately not worth it.

its ridcilious.

thats why im anti social..

i walk around school with my headphones on.

because my music is way more important than pretty much everything.

i would rather listen to an amazing 3 minute song then hear people complain about other people, or that someone likes someone else,

really man?

who cares.

and who needs boys?
all they do, is make you frustrated at their lack of common sense and over all stupidity.
then you end up telling eachother off and then proceed to crying while eating a gallon of coffee ice cream watching law and order svu on u.s.a, (cause you would rather watch some thing to do with death and finding rapists then anything to do with some sort of love) then you realize boys arent worth it cause they are all creepers.... until you look at the really hot boy in your art class.
then it starts all over again.
its all just a vicious cycle.

and in the end, you love every second of it.

so go be a complete mess,
and find happiness in the little things.

always remember,
that coffee ice cream will forever be the only thing that doesnt let you down.


  1. heyyy i love youuu.
    (: kayy good.
    bye. (:

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Except until you gain twenty pounds from indulging in coffee ice cream every single day of your life. But not even then. It might actually help because now you have less boy problems since you've become super duper fat (which, obviously, makes you completely atrocious and revoltingly unattractive.)

  4. are you applying that im fat? hahahah.
    that one sick fat joke.

  5. whyyyyyyyyyy did you delete your comment? now i don't know what you said.. :p

  6. cause i realized it didnt make any sense. hahahah.
    what i meant to say was:
    i love you,lover.
    im glad we are bestfriends.
    always, no matter what.

    ps. my phone broke. :/
    so sorry if i havent texted you back.