Sunday, December 26, 2010

do you believe?

this post is going to be about something i usually dont talk about on my blog,
but i feel the need for it today, so i hope someone out there benefits from it(:
this post is about god.
why do you believe in god?
is it cause your parents believe in god?
is it cause you want to be save when the world ends?
or is it because you truely believe in god.
because i do.
i know for myself, that god lives.
does that mean that i am perfect and always have faith, no.
i make mistakes and sometimes i question things, its just who i am.
and the hardest part is having faith.
faith that things will get better, faith that he knows me when i think no one really does.
faith that he understands why i do what i do. and most of all, faith that he will forgive me.
sometimes its hard to go to church, where the people arent very nice. eventhough they should be. its hard to go to church when you feel more anger and hurt then you feel love.
why does he do this to us? its simple, he does this so you can figure out why you are really there, and makes you try harder to feel the spirit. he wants us to shut the world out competely, and he tests us by putting it all around us, even at church. because no matter what, if you really put your whole heart in trying to understand something. you will understand it. and it willl mean something to you. so ignore the girls glaring at you and the leaders that dont even know your name. and remember that the only reason you are there is for him. to show him that you care, and that you want to be closer to him.
another hard thing to do is to forgive.
to forgive others when they hurt you. but most importantly, forgive yourself.
"Some people can’t get along with themselves. They criticize and belittle themselves all day long until they begin to hate themselves."
why are we so hard on ourselves? its because we judge ourselves based on everyone that is around us. we always feel like we arent good enough, that we arent pretty enough, or rich enough or cool enough. that we are just always not enough. but thats not true, because we are enough.the fact is the people that we wish we were are wishing that they were someone else too.
so accept who you are. because you are beautiful, just the way you are.
i dont know what else to say...
so i will leave it at, god loves you.(:

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