Sunday, November 28, 2010

you know i love you.

love is a strong word.
but sometimes its the only way to describe the way you feel about someone.
you just down right, love them.
there is no way around it.
i love many people in my life.
there are alot of people in my life that have impacted me and changed how i live my life.
the other day, a best friend of mine that i havent talked to in awhile and isnt the most sentimental of people... called me. this was our conversation:

me: "hello?"
him: "hey sarah"
me: "hey, why did you call? do you need something?"
him: "i just wanted to say happy thanksgiving, where are you?"
me: "salt lake" "how was your thanksgiving??"
him: "its been good" "well, i have to go. i love you sarah.
me: "i love you too"

it was only 18 seconds long. yet exactly what i needed at that moment. sometimes, i feel like most of my good friends have drifted away, doesnt mean they are out of my life, but they arent all the way in. But thats okay, they dont need to be. because i know that they care.. and they think of me. thats what matters most. and they arent afraid to tell me, those are people you want to surround yourself with. its the people that say they love you because they really do. that phone call made me feel loved. because i knew he meant it when he said he loved me, and the fact that he thought to call me in the first place... i never liked this boy, and he has never liked me. but he has been in my life a long time... and i truely love him inside and out.

now go & tell someone
that you love them.

and remember;
you are loved