Tuesday, November 16, 2010

thoughts of the dayy.

at the bottom of this page, i have created this playlist titled thoughts of the day, these are 8 songs that sum up what i am feeling today...

1. sarah by ray lamontagne
this song is makes me think of a boy i have known my whole life, who is going to through a really hard time right now. He doesnt know eywhat he wants, or what is even real anymore.. he is lost. this song is him singing to me, our relationship exactly.

2. marching bands of manhattan by death cab for cutie
this whole song is brilliant,"sorrow drips into your heart through a pin hole, just like a faucet that leaks and there is comfort in the sound. but while you debate half empty or half full,it slowly rises .. your love is going to drown" i strongly agree with that statement, if you let sorrow take over your happiness you will never have room for love, it will drown in the sorrow of your thoughts. which is the same concept of staying postive, if you let negative thoughts get to your head, you will never be postive. the negative will always take over.

3. they werent there by missy higgins
yesterday i was talking to a woman that i really look up to, and she was telling me how she messed up in highschool and how much pain it caused her and if she only knew what she knows now.. it would of never happened. and i think that too many girls get caught up in boys that wont be there later on and they need to realize how much pain it will bring them. Im thankful for all the women in my life that have thaught me wrong from right and told me there mistakes so i wont make the same ones. cause i have decided that i wont put myself through so much pain at such a young age. i hope all you girls make the same decision. Dont put yourself in the situation, cause once you are there its impossible to get out.. this song gives a perfect example of the heartache and regret many girls feel.

4. watch the world cave in by the new amsterdams
"the two of us watch the world cave in" even though this is quite a simple and short song. it has so much meaning. i think its saying that its showing how much our world really is caving in morally. i just like this song alot.. thats all, really.

5. 1234 by feist
"those teenage hopes have tears in their eyes, too scared to own up to one little lie.. you are changing your heart.. oh you know who you are.. "
i hate the boys that can own up to their lies, what good does lying do? escipally when both know that it is a lie.. yet you still lie. but boys change their heart. its true.. they are truely messed up cratures. and girls do the same, but we tend to be more emotional about things. but one thing i still dont get is how you can go from being bestfriends with someone and told them everything and cared so much about eachother to... nothing. this one boy wont even talk to me, and when he does is quite rude to me.. but im pretty sure he still thinks about me or thinks about me when the song here comes the sun comes on??.. i mean really, how could he forget? he can say he doesnt care all he wants.. but i know he does care just as much as i care. i know he remembers some of the talks we had and how close our friendship was and how funny we could be sometimes.. he cares, i hold on that. (dear boy.. if you are reading this, i know you are nodding your head. hahah.) so lets be friends, its the civil thing to do. .. oh and dear boy, who thinks this is about him... newsflash. its not. dream on.

6. 5 years time by noah and the whale
this song makes me happy, its cheery and has the uke in it. also has funny lyrics. anything more you need in a song? i think not. so listen to the song and smile. (:

7. you still hurt me by william fitzsimmons
"you were perfect and i guess i was just a creep... but you still hurt me"
pretty much sums up that song. plus, williams voice is incredible.

8. landlocked blues by bright eyes
connor oberst is incredible, my brother showed me bright eyes 5 long years ago.. i dont know how i ever lived with out this amazing music. connor is the best lyricist hands down. this whole song is genius. " if you walk away, ill walk away.. first tell which road you will take, i dont want to risk our paths crossing someday, so you walk that way, ill walk this way" ... you know who you are.

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