Thursday, November 11, 2010

slow down crazyy.

ohhhh boyyyyss.

i have liked alot of boys in the past few years.. well ever since i realized that boys are actually cute, and that boys notice me.

but right now in my life i have no boys, no one i kinda like, no one that kinda likes me.
and sometimes i look at couples & i say, " i wish i had that" "they are really cute together"
but then i remember, how much drama relationships are and that high school relationships never work out, so why put so much of your time and heart into someone who wont be there five years from now.

i feel so free, i have no heartache or drama, im just me.

one thing i do believe in are good friends.
just because a boy doesnt "like me"
doesnt mean he doesnt care about me.
i know the boys that care about me, are the boys that will always be in my life,
that doesnt mean that we need to spend every waking moment together or tell eachother everything. its the boys who know when you are having a bad day and come up and hug you, not saying anything, but saying everything.
those are the best of friends.
so have bestfriends, keep the people that care close to you and dont complicate things.
i believe in highschool the only thing "love" will do, is tear you apart. (thank you, fall out boy)

so go make the best of friends. (:
and always remember;
dont complicate things.

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