Sunday, October 10, 2010

i have a blog?

heyyy friends of all sorts.
its been awhile.
i have been far too busy.

i love life.

i have wonderful friends, and wonderful people in my life.

memories that were made in the past week:

- going to the jazz game with my brother aaron that i love so
much, and discussing life. (:

- going to the lone peak homecoming game.

*making awkward moments

*kaitlyn and i rubbing some random kids back cause his jacket looked soft..

*watching talon shumway play football like a god.

*elizabeth being a grouchy beast cause she was hungry. hahah.

- going to mcdonalds at 11 and eating chicken nuggets and discussing the night with elizabeth

- going to walmart and finding the last grape gatorade. hahaha. yes dredan, im that good.

- going to the witch festival (:

- listening to the i am sam soundtrack in ari's car on the way to salt lake

- going to dinner with the jensen's, i adore that family.

- looking at the clock at 10:10 on 10/10/10 and making a wish.

- elizabeth and i going to breakfast with skip.. that was quite the adventure.

- going to the huge house in draper, and thinking how has that type of money??

- seeing a lexus with the lisense plate "jobless" i laughed out loud, literally.

well that was the memories i made this week..

goodnight and goodluck.
always remember.
you're a gem.


  1. GUESS WHAT! I sit behind soft jacket boy in health, and it takes every ounce of will power i have to not rub his back.. I have to remind myself that's probably a wired thing to do:)

  2. what do you mean yes dredan im that good