Friday, September 24, 2010


its a beautiful day, one of the most beautiful days i have ever had.
things that made today so wonderful.
--ari's ipod.. and listening to wonderful music, at the right times of course.
"this is the perfect 2:00 song.."
yes i have a cartain time i listen to certain songs..
dont hate, just appericate. (:
--- lunch with elizabeth and addyy..
people watching, spilling water all over the ground, naming each tool in the tool belt, getting lunch out of the vending machines and taking forever.
--- sports marketing... why am i in that class? i have no idea... 30 boys+ me + dodgeball= me sitting out and watching some hilarious dodgeball games... (:
--- law enforcement. that is just an awesome class, all we do is tell stories and ask stupid questions to the school cop. and i also learn today, that a cop infact can not make you get out of the car if you are passenger and under 16... so stetson, you can sue. hahahaha.
--- english class.
destanee and i are going to take up kickboxing... random idea, but epic. (:
--- after school
making very awkward moments with mckayy, going to the gas station to get coke icee's that heal the soul. listening to fiest on the way home. seeing the stop sign that said stop listening to awful music. seeing little brooklyn jensen, she is my role model. saying hi to the greer family and getting my straightener back.

hug vegaterian day,
its an excuse for vegatrians to get social recognition for normal meat eating people, who tend to dislike them.

well, love everybody.
today is a wonderful day. (:

& always remember
angels are watching over you.


  1. Fact: People love vegetarians. You're only jealous cause we're doing more to save the world than the rest of you.

    Ha. On. You.

  2. touche salesman.
    ...i have to go eat chicken nuggets.

  3. Fact: that was a wonderful day. I love your blog. I love you!