Tuesday, September 21, 2010

im done.

with a little place, actually its rather large...


this not so lovely school, is pretty much over rated. The kids there are very quite judgemental. i feel like im walking into the judgement room. but they arent god and this aint heaven. so i have of decided, that i will not put myself in a place where i feel worthless. so i will only walk into that school if i absolutely have too. other than that, im staying on my side of town, where the people are gernally nice and no one really judges, cause honestly they could care less.

side note: there are still wonderful kids at lonepeak and im not judging, just making a simple observation and self choice, please dont get offended. (:

always remember;

find strength in pain.. & carry on.


  1. i think it could go the other way too. it depends with who you hang out with or spend time with. i'm pretty sure a.f has judging kids there to. just saying. &p.s its highschool everyone judges. i know i do. it doesn't have to be such a bad thing.

  2. yeah.. but at lone peak, you feel it alot at more than af, really ask anyone, no one really cares at af.

  3. yeah.. honestly sarah people still care it doesn't matter where you go. you just spend more time with more with people who don't care

  4. thats true, i dont surround myself with people who judge me, and care more about what people think of them then anything else. all i was saying was that, you dont feel like everyone is looking down at you when you walk into af. dont get your panties in a bunch. and why do you even care? hahah

  5. cause i go to that school. and i've been to a.f. they always judge lone peak kids before getting to know them.